Yardi Systems

Issue – Yardi needed to add 66 drops of Voice / Data after taking over the rest of a floor in their building. The issue was there was no room on the rack to allow that much expansion. They had utilized a closet that was only 5′ x 4′ in size and didn’t have the room to place a 2nd rack beside the 1st. They would have had to renovate by moving the back wall approx.4′ into the adjacent storage room. The problem with that is there is electrical and security panels on that wall that would also have to be re-wired at a very high cost.

My Solution was to re-terminate all cables from 2U loaded 110 Patch panels to Panduit High Density 1U 48 port Mini-Com patch panels and utilize a panel / Switch / Panel/ Switch configuration with Panduit 4′ Small Diameter CAT6 patch cords for VoIP and Data

The result was to allow all drops plus the additional 66 new drops with additional room on the rack as well as a much more manageable rack.